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Premium Hard Boiled Eggs Since 2018

-   ABOUT US  -


Eating healthy when always on the go is hard. Today’s snacking options are either packed full of sugar (calories) to taste good, or the healthier options lack flavor and are quite bland. Although hard-boiled eggs are known to be a low-calorie high-protein snack, they’ve never been easy to take on the go without sacrificing flavor and quality. YolkD eggs were born out of the need to create a flavorful, portable, high-protein snack that tastes great and keeps you fueled to tackle whatever life throws at you next. Because YolkD eggs are already de-shelled and infused with great flavors, all you need to do is pull the strip and remove their food-grade wax coating to enjoy. We guarantee YolkD eggs are the easiest peeling and most flavorful hard-boiled eggs you’ve ever had. We look forward to bringing healthy eggcitement to your everyday!

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